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image weirdness?

so I just got home from work and found that my post from this morning had not gone live. weird tried to post it and now it has worked, but without any pics. can’t get them to work. back soon … Continue reading

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Blog candy winners!

Hi all and special thanks! This post is full of gratitude to all you visitors to my little bloggo, and especially for those of you who take the time to comment. I do so appreciate it! And to celebrate I … Continue reading

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Giveaway frolics! Crafty blog candy!

Hi again. So rather rubbishly, all the best-laid-plans for my pre-wedding postings to line up my royally brilliant giveaway went completely up the spout, owing to the evil virus that struck. But in honour of William and Catherine’s beautiful celebration, … Continue reading

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Sketch idea for Saturday?

…is sadly lacking, I’m afraid. Poor show. I have been managing to pootle around house a bit more this morning and yesterday (between watching The Wedding, naturellement), but still have been feeling too grim for crafting. The cough is better…on … Continue reading

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Look – giveaway fun!

Thought I’d just share this fun news from Lucy…. because she’s not been well (no, that is most definitely *not* the fun news!). So she has not been feeling up to making any cards, but instead is doing some giveaways: … Continue reading

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Some things to share…

*This is my second post for today, so scroll down for more crafty goodness! Thanks for stopping by!* So I thought I’d share a couple of things… 1, Springtime gorgeousness. This kerria shrub in my garden is now in full … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Well this it is folks, I finally did it and got myself enrolled in the blogosphere! I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to offer and maybe you’ll find something you like now and again 😉 I’m hoping to share … Continue reading

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