Reverse stamping clouds tutorial

So finally I have my clouds tutorial for you – what a topsy-turvy week it’s been.

Let’s dive in… My card came from the fact that I have a new stamp set (which shamefully I’ve had a few weeks and I remembered that I’d not got round to inking up!) which has a super cute cloud. The set is from the ‘Home Sweet Home’ collection by My Little Shoebox, and I scored it here from Sarah’s Cards.

Here it is again, then I’ll show you how I made *all* those puffy clouds from just one stamp 😉

Trend-Alert Tuesday clouds card 2trend_clouds2_closeup
(Get comfy folks, there’s going to be quite a few pics in this post!!!)

So I used the technique of using the back (reverse side) of clear stamps to get the solid shape. I have done it before, and think it’s usually called reverse stamping. Have sometimes seen it called shadow stamping, and I think people mostly tend to do it literally to create shadows of stamped shapes and also in soft muted colours.
I wanted to see if I could stamp the cloud as a solid shape and emboss it with puffy embossing powder for a fluffy cloud effect. Combine with the cute outline version of the same stamp it makes a fun sky scene!

Here’s my bits and bobs that I rounded up:
reverse stamping_tutorial1
(I originally thought I’d include the rainbow stamp from another MLS set ‘Farmer’s Market’ in my design, but in the end decided against it. So ignore that set! Or just admire it for prettiness value here, but it’s not part of the tutorial!!)
I used:
– just some scrap blue card to stamp my designs – I wanted to stamp them separately rather than direct onto my card blank so that I could cut them out and pop them up on foam pads. Fab floaty clouds!
– clear cloud stamp (as mentioned above)
– acrylic block
– Versamark ink pad (I find this ink is *way* better than my embossing ink for using with the puffy embossing powder. Ask me how I know.)
WOW embossing powder ‘White puff’

Here’s a quick pic of how the stamp looks, close-up. Hopefully you can compare 1, the front and then 2, the reverse of the stamp, which will give the two different cloud styles:

reverse stamping tutorial2a

front of stamp - 'outline' cloud

reverse stamping tutorial2b

reversed stamp - 'solid' cloud

Here you can see the difference between the two stamped versions in ink:
reverse stamping tutorial3

So here’s a note about stamping with the reverse side of a clear stamp. Since you have a *much* smaller area of stamp clinging to your block (only the outline shape of the front of your design will be raised to stick to the block!) then your stamp is prone to falling off.
Ask me how I know.

I find the best way to get around this is to place your stamp on your surface – reverse side up ready to stamp that reverse image – then ink it up, dabbing the ink pad to the stamp and then bring your paper/ card down onto the stamp. A firm press (helped by a press down from another large acrylic block or a book for even pressure?!) transfers the ink up onto your card.
Check it out:
reverse stamping tutorial4

OK, so with your stamp inked up – Versamark ink in my case for puffy embossed clouds – you can repeatedly stamp and heat emboss the clouds. I did a mix of actual outline clouds and then the reverse stamped solid clouds:

reverse stamping tutorial5(As you can see a couple of the impressions are not 100% perfect. C’est la vie. I will just cut them out trimming away any imperfect areas, or overlap to hide those dodgy bits and no-one will know. So don’t tell, ok?)

A couple of close ups of my finished puffy embossing:

reverse stamping tutorial6

reverse stamping tutorial7

So there you go! I hope it was worth waiting for all week 😉
I will be back later for some Sketch-On-Saturday fun. It’s absolutely throwing it down with rain this morning, so I will have to set up my indoor lighting arena to try to get some half-decent shots for you. Back soon!

Hugs, Rx


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5 Responses to Reverse stamping clouds tutorial

  1. Great tutorial Ruth. I love how you reversed the stamp and used it to get a solid stamped image. Thanks for explaining the process!

  2. alice wertz says:

    wonderful tutorial on stamping the clouds, Ruth! and your card is soooooooo fun and delightful! love love the kite tail sentiment idea! super card!

  3. Jay Gee says:

    Really good tutorial Ruth – I never thought about stamping the wrong side of the stamp! Your card is super cute 🙂

  4. kasia says:

    Ooooh! fabulous card! Love the little birdie holding what wonderful banner. And great idea to reverse the clouds. 🙂

  5. Laurel Beard says:

    Outstanding cloud tutorial! Love this card and the cute little bird!

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