Cute card – it’s panda-monium!

Pandas are ace.

Tell it like it is.
This is how I feel about pandas. (Please refer to my earlier post here for more/ actually, barely, the same level of explanation.)

So today’s card is a tribute to a pair of super cute furry panda cubs who we visited at the weekend.
I mentioned a day or two ago that we had a busy time over the last few days, and frankly it doesn’t get more busy than a long weekend to Madrid. Yay!
Including a visit to Madrid Zoo, which has the amazing privilege of having four pandas at the moment. A breeding pair and no less than twin cubs, called Po and
De De, born last September.

Incoming: cute card to pay panda-homage….
cute panda card
A quick word on the card then….
With yesterday’s card inspired by Kristina (see her blog over at KWernerDesign),
I was thinking about the fabby e-book PDF of card sketches that Kristina created recently. And which I bought.
Her Make A Card Mondays are always a winner, so her collection of sketches of favourite MACM ideas is a resource I love! (I was happy to invest in this one, especially knowing that the funds were going to a good cause, of Kristina’s local animal shelter.
Read about it and see how you can buy the MACM Sketches for Mannie PDF here.)

Anyhoo, it was one of her Sketches for Mannie that I was inspired by for my
panda-tastic-Madrid-celebratory card.
The panda stamp is a Snag ‘Ems clear stamp by Imaginisce – too cute. Took me an age to track this one down here in the UK. Not many stockists of Imaginisce and then it seemed to be out of stock *for-ever*.
So glad to finally get my paws on it πŸ˜‰


Downside – those solid areas of black don’t always give a crisp impression so I find I often need to go back over the black fur areas with a marker/ fineliner pen to give them real intensity.
Am putting this down to not having the best black ink. I am still to find the Golden Ticket of black inks, having tried a few (and still working my way through the most recent one I bought.)
What’s your go-to black ink? Any tips/ suggestions welcome…

Meanwhile back at the ranch…
Worth noting… the grid-pattern strip on the far left is a new washi tape. One of a pack of three that I purchased in Madrid. From the gift shop at the Queen Sofia contemporary art gallery.

So there we go for today’s card.
Will be back tomorrow with a sketch idea of my own (SOS!), and also I have a couple of plans for the bloggo over the weekend.
(Hint: super-adorable panda photos will be involved. And also a video. But I have to learn how to use iMovie first so my editing phase has yet to get underway. At the moment the video is not fit to shake a stick at. Hmm.)

Meanwhile, happy Friday chums, Rx


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