Rainbow card for a boy: Trend-Alert Tuesday


Today’s Trend-Alert Tuesday is a bit of a flying visit as I have come down with a grotty cold/ cough thing over the Easter weekend. It was starting to brew up on Friday, and now it’s really taken hold 😦

So my card idea for today is a bit of a quickie for you today.


It’s a rainbow idea for a boy or teenager even! Sounds a little contradictory maybe, but it’s inspired by a skater t-shirt that I saw.


Just a hand-cut cardstock rainbow and a mini skateboarder, drawn as a stickman.
I was thinking initially of die-cutting my circle Nesties for the rainbow skateboard ramp, but then I figured it would be more ‘cool’ to go freehand and leave it with quirkier edges.
Sponging and distressed, scuffed edges keep with the grungy feel, but maybe it could do with more of a grungy look? Dunno… hmm…
(Have you seen the new Boy Basics: Skater Dude set from Papertrey Ink? “Cool!”)

Sorry not to have more rainbow round-ups from blogland for you today. My poor bunged-up head has not been up for being on the lookout this weekend. Will try to get some together for you if I feel better later this week.

Meanwhile I haven’t had chance to photograph my giveaways for you either.
Three days until the Royal Wedding… three prizes for three winners, to help celebrate.
Will get the pics for you asap, but I wanted to start the ball rolling for you:

1, ALL comments between now and 11.59pm (my time) this Friday 29th April, will be entered into the draw for the three prizes. International entries welcome.
(When I update this post with the giveaway pics, I’ll also update with and Pacific and EST timing to be super helpful for overseas fans of the bloggo!)

2,  Leave a comment on any/ all my posts from today onwards – and you can comment more than once on a single post. In addition to a ‘regular’ comment, leave another comment if you also subscribe to my blog either via email, or via RSS like Google Reader.
Being a subscriber isn’t compulsory to enter my giveaways, but it’ll mean the chance for more comments and that means more entries in the draw.

3. Link to my giveaway on your blog, and leave me another comment to say you’ve done so (leave me the permalink to the blog post where you gave me the mention!). It’ll earn another entry in the draw. So that’s three entries possible per post!

4. Random drawing of 3 winners will take place at the weekend and be announced here, so be sure to pop back for lots of chances to win, and to see if you’ve been lucky.

OK, better go now. No work for me today. Don’t even think there’ll be much crafting or blogsurfing done either. Poops – there are some good challenges out there right now, I was hoping to have a go.
I need more paracetamol and cough mixture, and back to bed before I bring my lungs up.


About justsomestuffimade

I'm a crafty type and always have been. Forever. All kinds of crafting goodness. I'm married to a very special man. For one thing, he puts up with all the crafty nonsense.
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5 Responses to Rainbow card for a boy: Trend-Alert Tuesday

  1. memphis1956 says:

    Hope you feel better. The skater dude is cute.

  2. cherry says:

    How cute…a skate park! chjerry

  3. kasia says:

    Oh Ruth! I hope you feel better soon, those lungs are kinda important! 😉
    LOVE this card. How genius to turn that rainbow into a half-pipe. LOVE it! those letters are awesome too.

  4. Pauline says:

    A fab skater dude card, love how you hand drew the skater boy!

  5. Aga says:

    Love the idea of turning the rainbow upside down as a skate ramp 🙂 Very clever!!!

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