Liberty of London style

So I have a bit of a theme for today’s post… it’s Liberty of London. And it’s a bit of a photo-tastic post too, so get comfy folks!

I realised that when I mentioned Liberty’s on my post here (and practically drooled into my keyboard just thinking about it), I was totally not thinking that all. It didn’t even occur that you non-UK readers of my bloggo wouldn’t necessarily have the faintest idea what I was talking about.

Nor even all UK readers come to that.

Motto: Never assume. It makes an ass of ‘u’ and ‘me’.

So sorry bout that everyone. Top marks go to Kasia for asking me to epxlain what on earth I was on about 😉

First, a card…


Very much with a Liberty vibe. And if any of you readers know Liberty then I hope you will see that, and if not, then I hope you will ‘see’ it by the end of this post.

The star attraction is the ruffly fabric trim. I should emphasise that it is not actually by Liberty, just Liberty-esque.

I picked it up on the local market’s craft stall. It’s a printed bias binding that I ruffled up with some running stitches along the length and sewed buttons on top.

(You can actually buy Liberty fabric bias binding btw, here at Clothkits.

It’s beyond lush.)


The sewing machine is stamped from Hero Arts’ ‘Sew Artsy‘ clear set, and paper pieced onto a bit of cute pink paper. Again, trying to be a bit Liberty style here. And in honour of the dressform mannequins that are made in Liberty fabric, as mentioned in my post before. Jeepers – be still my heart.


That doily die-cut is one that came as a bonus, ready-cut with my last order from Dies to Die for. Distress inked for shabbyness, and offset. I think it might be an MFT one – does anyone recognise it? I think I might have to buy the die next time!

The sentiment is from ‘Button Boutique’ by Papertrey Ink. Still a favourite of mine, hehe!

So, there we have the card for today 😉 hope you like.

Now time for a little trip to the West End, to Liberty of London….

All very prestigious.

And thankfully we can shop online, albeit it’s pricey, but I’m telling you:

1, sitting in front of a screen is going to be absolutely nothing like being there IRL (well, obviously… but you will understand why when I tell you more about the shop building itself!) and…

2, there is nothing like the full collection online. Some pretty good highlights, but by no means all the glory. In store, they have a lot more one-off pieces and some gorgeous hand-crafted style stuff too… limited editions and the like.

It’s all a feast for the senses and you walk around with your tongue hanging out most of the time.

Well I do anyway.

So here is a pic of the outside of the shop (by Luis Villa del Campo, via Wikimedia):

File:Liberty department store London.jpg

It’s a Tudor-style building as you can see – timber-framed, and inside… with marvellous wood panels and great big carved staircases. Still a wonderful feeling of light and space though. Totally *not* your average looking department store! (Actually renovated in that style, back in the 1920s I think?)

And it’s a Grade II* listed building so that means it is heritage protected.

(photo via Design Squared)

They sell lots of high fashion lines from the top designers, and also stylish furnishings and homewares… contemporary art pieces… giftwares… but completely excitingly, the most mind-boggling fabric and haberdashery section. It virtually takes up a whole floor of the store. (So that’s a lot of bolts of fabric then.)

And they host special Liberty of London craft workshops. Mainly sewing I think, but plenty of knitting too.

Papercrafts are not on their agenda, either in terms of the workshops or in the items for sale – can you imagine what an amazing prospect that would be? I am virtually passing out from low blood sugar just thinking about it!

See the full online selection here. But rememeber this is only the tip of the iceberg compared with what’s in the store itself.

They are also reknowned for amazing window displays but I don’t have any pics of them to share sorry. Take my word for it on that though 😉

Lastly a pic or two, of my most recent Liberty purchase – this bundle of Liberty Lawn fabrics which I hope to use in my patchwork. But I can’t even bear to untie the bundle yet! Too pretty!

liberty lawn fabricsLook at this one! Eee!

liberty lawn fabrics2And what about this one? Cute…. or would you go as far as to say super-cute?

liberty lawn fabrics3

So there, *that* is what Liberty is all about.

Lesson: Don’t miss it if you ever go to London.

See you tomorrow then gang. I’m kicking off a countdown week of Easter-themed goodness until the holiday weekend begins! Every day there’ll be an Eastery treat.

Yay! Bye for now, Rx


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6 Responses to Liberty of London style

  1. Alice W. says:

    love the ruffled fabric trim!! such a wonderful touch. lovely card, Ruth! and these fabrics are so pretty!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Allison says:

    Such a pretty card! Love that ribbon esp. with all those buttons!

  3. So pretty! Love the fancy ribbon treatment!

  4. kasia says:

    Ok first, Your card is incredible! I love that ruffled ribbon you made, gorgeous! I love the layout of your card too. Yummy!

    second……….jaw dropped and drooling! I really wish I had known about Liberty prior to my 2 trips to the UK! I would have made sure I went, and would have specifically purchased a second suitcaseto fill with stuff from there. Wow, kinda wish I hadn’t asked. 😉
    Thanks for the info! Must go clean off my keyboard now!!!

  5. Pauline says:

    Beautiful card, I love that ruffled trim.

    Your pics of Liberty’s are a neat reminder that I haven’t been there for years! xx

  6. Beautiful card. I really like that ruffle ribbon border. It’s gorgeous. I should have know about Liberty when I was in London last October. Next time I’ll go there.

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