Inspiration for Friday?

Sorry I have no cards to share today.
Poor effort.

Well, in my defence:
1, we were out last night to see a performance of Frankenstein via
National Theatre Live. This is where they film a performance and broadcast it live, yes simultaneously, to select cinemas around the world. It is a totally amazing opportunity to see some seriously good theatre.

Last night was honestly one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. ‘They’ are saying it is the hottest ticket in London right now, and you can hardly get a seat for love nor money. Total sell-out. And not even a seat to a live screening (like the one we were lucky enough to see here in Bristol). Sold out. My B-I-L managed to see a recording of a screening.
It is directed by Danny Boyle (Oscar-winning best director of Slumdog Millionaire) and starred Jonny Lee Miller as Frankenstein and Benedict Cumberbatch (‘aka’ BBC’s new Sherlock) as the creature.

Mind. Blowingly. Good.
If they release a DVD of it, I will be pre-ordering.

Also, reason 2 for no crafty goodness:
Took delivery of a crafty stash purchase today so have been drooling over those since getting home. Maybe will have chance to play later, but I still have to finish my Sketch-On-Saturday for tomorrow yet! (It’s a goodie, I hope you’ll like it!)

I’ll promise to share a pic of the haul too. Some good stuff.
Also some other good stuff which I promise not to share. Because it will remain a surprise. Yes, some treats which also happened to ‘fall’ into my basket that will form prize(s) for a giveaway(s) coming to the bloggo soon. Stay tuned, crafty pals! It’ll be worth your while 😉

Meanwhile, to finish with something beautiful and inspiring for the start of the weekend. This photo was taken on our recent Norway trip by Paul Money, Aurora Borealis viewing regular.
He is a writer for Sky at Night magazine. Knows his onions you could say.


He took this shot from a slightly different location to where we viewed the Northern Lights from, but this really captures a flavour of what we saw. The building there (which seems to be totally illuminating the area!) was actually quite dark IRL, and not a hinderance to viewing at all. It looks like it is a great source of light pollution, but I suspect that is due to the long exposure time used by Paul to take this shot.
The orangey glow away to left of centre is down towards the traditional Sami camp where we all gathered for the evening and to see the display. (For more details, see this post on my Norwegian exploits.)

Credit due to Paul for capturing this stunning pic.

See you tomorrow then crafty chums. (Hope no-one got stung by an April Fools’ joke btw!)
It’s almost wine o’clock, so bye for now, Ruth 😉


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I'm a crafty type and always have been. Forever. All kinds of crafting goodness. I'm married to a very special man. For one thing, he puts up with all the crafty nonsense.
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One Response to Inspiration for Friday?

  1. Pauline says:

    Lovely pic of the Northern Lights, and your theatre experience sounds amazing, I’ve not heard of the ‘live’ thing before.

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