Special birthday cards

…for a special person’s special birthday 😉
Today is hubby’s birthday so I can share these couple of cards which I made for him. First, one I made for my mum to send. She often ‘commissions’ me to make cards which she can then give to friends and family members, and this is what I created for her to send to G.


His job is connected with space and astronomy so I am often making cards on this subject, both for him and also even for his work colleagues when he asks me to make a card for one of their birthdays.

So I went for a punny one here. And he appreciated it 😉
(Shame that the metallic silver and gold cardstock elements do not show up too well in photography, sorry)

And this one from me….


On a starry night theme, made with Cosmic Shimmers to represent the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. And a little stamping and heat embossing of the tree silhouette to create the wintry landscape. Stickles add starry accents. He even picked up on the snow drifts made with layered white card, with torn edges.
You see, this card has even more special significance… it holds a big clue to what our exciting weekend was all about…

Yes, we had a weekend away in Norway, up in the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights! And wow, it was quite the weekend.
My card really doesn’t do it justice at all (even though those Cosmic Shimmers really do shimmer quite a lot, as I hope you can see when I tilt the card into the sun) – LOL!!!!


I will have to share some Norway pics soon – it has been a bit of a whirlwind since we got back and back to work too of course.

Anyhoo, that’s all for now. A special message to finish on, in case he sees this post… Happy Birthday my dearie and I love you!

Bye all, Ruth x


About justsomestuffimade

I'm a crafty type and always have been. Forever. All kinds of crafting goodness. I'm married to a very special man. For one thing, he puts up with all the crafty nonsense.
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4 Responses to Special birthday cards

  1. Pauline says:

    Two fab cards, and I love how your trip inspired your snow scene, it’s lovely with all the cosmic shimmer.

  2. kasia says:

    I think that is super sweet that your mum “commissions” you for cards! I love both cards, but that gorgeous shimmery one is my fave. It is stunning!
    Sounds like you guys had a fabulous weekend. I’m jealous that you can just “hop” over to Norway for the weekend! The northern lights are something that everyone should see once in their life. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  3. Chris says:

    I’m loving these cards, very creative and topical. It’s great to see your designs. Have you always done this much crafting, or have you started doing more since you’ve starting blogging? I hope you’re enjoying blogging, you’re posting a lot so it seems that you’ve got the bug for it! On a technical note, WordPress is pretty good isn’t it – I made Pete’s http://www.lovesnow.co.uk website using it.

    • Hi Chris – thanks for stopping by my little bloggo 😉
      Glad you like the cards. I’ve always loved making stuff, and try to fit in some crafty time every day if I can. A little bit of something to relieve the soul after work is a good thing!! Maybe a spot of sewing, or knitting, or as you can see lately, whipping up a card.
      Being online is a great inspiration too – there are so many amazing blogs out there.
      Still finding my way around WordPress. I’m trying to look into creating more of a personal looking site – maybe to create my own banners and icons etc, instead of the boring old template things!! I am still doing the reading up on the subject. (Bring back the fun, easy bedtime reading!)
      Take care anyhoo, and have a great weekend, love Rx

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