Lovely in lavender

So just a quick post this morning, before I have to run around like a loon and get ready for work…
Here’s a necklace that I made and I’m excited it’ll be getting its first outing today!

I have called this one Violette. As inspired initially by Vilette, the Charlotte Bronte novel (at least, I think that one was by Charlotte – it’s so long since I read it!)
But I thought that Violette was better than Vilette and suited the lovely colour.


I rescued the beads from a broken necklace that I scored at a vintage sale. I love them – there’s a gorgeous sort of swirly, marble colouration about them. I think the plastic may even be Bakelite. Who knows…
They look so yummy after I cleaned them up and gave them a new lease of life!

violette_neckl3_closeupAnd here’s a close-up of that fancy bow I added in silk cord and organza ribbon.
Yum! 😉

Must dash now, enjoy whatever you get up to today folks, R x


About justsomestuffimade

I'm a crafty type and always have been. Forever. All kinds of crafting goodness. I'm married to a very special man. For one thing, he puts up with all the crafty nonsense.
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4 Responses to Lovely in lavender

  1. Alice W. says:

    beautiful necklace, Ruth!! you gave those beads new life. you are so talented!! love it!

  2. What a gorgeous necklace, I love the color and the ribbon bow!

  3. Judith Gowdy says:

    This is so pretty, great job Ruth.

  4. kasia says:

    Wow! Ruth this is simply gorgeous! I love the organza & silk cord you added. 🙂

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